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What You Need to Know About Marni Designer Handbags

Marni is one of the Italian luxury brands that specialize on designing and making bohemian fashion designs. The term “bohemian” itself was introduced to the fashion world by Castiglioni, Marni’s founder and designer. Aside from Monica Botkier designer handbags, the brand also has men and women’s fashion wear, eyewear, jewelry, shoes, and accessories. Marni has also become known for its self-indulgent aesthetics, often characterized by matching materials, such as fabrics and fur, interesting and unusual shapes, bold prints, and chic combined with elegance. These are also the qualities that can describe Marni as a fashion house as well despite still being in the stage of developing and blooming into becoming an even bigger name in the Italian fashion industry. The unique appeal and style of the creations are expected to bring the brand more success.

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History of Marni

In 1994, Consuelo Castiglioni founded Marni. Until now, she is still one of the company’s designers. She has been daring in her ventures with the label, such as when she opened her fashion house for men’s collections in 2007, but not in the usual way as she designed leggings instead of the expected trousers for men. This stirred the fashion world with the brand’s name in the buzz. Castiglioni also designed fabric prints and shapes inspired by vintage designs, which eventually became the label’s trademarks. The label’s accessories and apparel are also developed with great attention given to style, not only the goal of trying to develop another type of clothing. Marni designer handbags, as well as apparel, aim to let out the inner style of the user. All the brand’s items are of top quality because they are all made in Italy. You can only expect genuine Italian designer products from Marni. The company even has boutiques established in different major cities in the world. These boutiques are filled with beautiful hobos, totes, purses, and more bags available in attractive shapes and colors.

What to Expect from Marni Bags

The brand’s pursues are inspired by vintage designs. One of the best examples would be the Wave bag with its black, beige and gray colors. The company is currently promoting the bag with its white clutch as the center of attention. If you want to avail of this purse, you can order it online. However, you have to watch out for Marni Replica Bags that are sold in the market now.

Online Shopping for Marni Items

If you want to start shopping for Marni bags, totes and purses, you can buy them online. You can even find websites that offer these items at great discounts. Most of the brands bags have a shoulder strap with two handles. They have convenient compartments and inside pockets as well. Even if they may be available at cheaper prices online, they still retain their luxurious design and trendy appeal. You can easily find clutch bags, hobos, and messenger bags in bohemian style.

Marni’s current collection consists of shoulder bags, totes, balloon purses and shopping totes in various designs. You can find in them in a wide variety of colors so you will not likely be disappointed when you go shopping online for Marni bags.

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