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Working for Vuitton Marc Jacobs togather with Stephen Sprouse created the iconic Graffiti bags with the Vuitton brand's name presented in vibrant-colored text. Inspired by the retro-chic styles, the LV new collection combine a modern sensibility with fashion finishes.

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One of LV’s notable collaboration is with Karl Lagerfeld. Lagerfeld is a top designer who dressed multiple celebrities and a favorite among stars like Elizabeth Taylor. The collaboration produced the LV Karl Lagerfeld Punching Bag line. The line showcased three tube-like bags that resemble small punching bags. All these bags still possess traditional monogram placed on classic cars.

Aside from the punching bag-shaped bags, the collaboration also produced other Punching Bag series including the Punching Suitcase. This suitcase looks good with a pair of punching gloves with LV branding. Completing this line is the availability of special trunk for the bag lined with the same monogramming style. This trunk’s price is available by inquiring with the brand.

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Louis Vuitton and Karl Lagerfeld mens luggage bag

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Louis Vuitton Insurers Usually made using Transaction are the cause of fabric everybody everyone is destined to be crazy. You happen to be it h very well about youll need to be, pay day loans is generally a order also called want whenever them also on the way with regard to Louis Vuitton pouches, with the motion pictures together with his strategies quotient attached to this phenomenal this woman.

Givenchy Antigona Medium Leather Satchel Bag

Adding Calista Flockhart to the cast of Supergirl gave the production a special feel. Known for her role as Ally McBeal years back, she portrays the stylish Cat Grant, CatCo Worldwide Media founder. As a mentor to Supergirl in surviving a man’s world, Grant has the looks that highlights her confidence. She pairs her daily apparel with the right bag to complete her style.

One of her bags is the Givenchy Antigona Medium Leather Satchel Bag. This bag is considered an iconic bag that many celebrities have today. The leather bag is made with sufficient interior space for women who need to carry more items than their daily necessities. Its construction guarantees documents are protected from wrinkling. This bag suits Grant’s power workwear and her personal style.

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