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Louboutin’s collaboration with Louis Vuitton lead straight to producing colorful pieces of LV bags in the market. The collection presented three bags one shopping tote and one shopping trolleys.

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Christian Louboutin is also prominent name in the fashion industry. Louboutin’s collaboration with LV to direct the brand to colorful pieces of LV bags in the market. The collection presented three bags—one shopping tote and one shopping trolleys.

The shopping tote comes with two designs. The front part has the typical LV monogram placed on the upper part of the bag. The lower part has the same monogram, but with less prominent monogram printing, but designed using studs. The rear side has red material.

Christian Louboutin LV Replica Palm Springs backpack

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Christian Louboutin LV Replica Palm Springs backpack

The shopping trolley has combines the same red color, studs, and LV monogram. It has an LV tag and an additional purse. The trolley itself remained elegant with the top caliber crafting applied by the manufacturer.

LV has been collaborating with artists and popular designers. Their products have been used in making high quality Louis Vuitton replicas that offer every woman the chance to experience the elegance brought by LV bags. You can save a lot of money in buying these bags while getting the perfect one that fits your personal style.

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