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It's easy to shop for first copy handbags online India by looking through search engines. But if you're a fashion fan, you might want to know celebrities' favorite bags. The following are some celebrities and the bags they frequently bring with them.

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Celebrities and Their Favorite Handbags

It's easy to shop for first copy handbags online India by looking through search engines. But if you're a fashion fan, you might want to know celebrities' favorite bags. The following are some celebrities and the bags they frequently bring with them:

Cate Blanchett

As a Hollywood A-lister, Cate Blanchett is also a fashion icon for many women. Her classic beauty and style call for the best bags. One of her favorite bags is Alexander McQueen Skull Clutch. This clutch is a small bag that resembles eyeglasses case with a classy touch. It has gold trimmings and a large ball-like clasp.

Just like other celebrities, Blanchett also has her own Chanel Flap Bag. This bag is worn for her casual wear and seen while on Blue Jasmine set.

A photo of her in a public location showed the actress bringing a Bally Leather Satchel. This discrete and classy satchel has good interior space meant for traveling.

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Blanchett is known to be a Givenchy fan. Her Givenchy Shopper Tote is seen with her while on the road with her child. This Givenchy bag is a black and white tote with enough interior space for her travel needs. Her other bags are from Lanvin, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Prada, M2Malletier, and others.

Jennifer Lopez

One of the famous pop stars and actresses has her own collection of designer bags. One of her cool bags is the Barbara Bonner Ginger Fringe Bag. This lightweight bag is a good daily casual bag with its prominent fringes. The fringes are long enough to be noticeable, especially when worn by a celebrity like Lopez.

Lopez's love for fringe didn't end with the Barbara Bonner bag. Her unique Chanel Quilted Fringe Shoulder Bag also has its set of fringes. Unlike Barbara Bonner, this Chanel bag has the elegance the brand is known for and perfect for casual to smart casual wear. This bag has the same quilting and chain strap.

Christian Louboutin is known for its classy bag, which makes it a brand for a celebrity like Jennifer Lopez. She's seen wearing Christian Louboutin Paloma Bag that looks great with classy style with a touch of rocker style with its studs.

Lupita Nyong'o

Gaining fame in 2013 for her stint in 12 Years a Slave, Lupita Nyong'o is considered a style goddess by many fans and fashion entities. She wore multiple designer bags that suit her style perfectly. She showed her love for Kenya, the country where she's raised, by using the Buyu Collection Soko Tote. This handmade bag in the country showcasing traditional patterns. She has another Buyu Tote with simpler design and worn on her travels.

For formal events, she brings her Prada Satin Clutch, which is made from vibrant and elegant green satin material. She brought this bag at the Met Gala to match her controversial apparel.

Giving off a casual style with a power suit appeal is her apparel that resembles a pinstripe jumpsuit. She matched her apparel with ZAC Zac Posen Eartha Flap Satchel with the same elegance that the designer delivers on his works.

Salma Hayek

Also a fashion icon, Salma Hayek has her set of bags as a celebrity and as the wife of Francois-Henri Pinault. She has multiple Alexander McQueen bags with designs fitting for casual and formal events. Her prominent Alexander McQueen bag is the Knuckle Clutch worn at the Golden Globe Awards. The white clutch has embossed details and handles that fit her knuckles.

Her Balenciaga bags are also worn as daily and formal event bags. She has the Balenciaga City Bag meant for casual use. This model has sufficient interior space to work as a carry-on tote.

Majority of her Bottega bags are used for formal events. Her Bottega Veneta Piano Crocodile Crisscross Clutch was seen during a red carpet event. The bag comes in hot pink color, which matches her elegant black dress with pink obi-like detail at the waist. This fabric also comes in pink color with snakeskin pattern.

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